Montevino Partners is a fine wine company that specializes in the buying and selling of investment grade wines from Italy, Spain, USA, Australia, South America and Portugal.

Our belief is that the wine market is developing and new wines from lesser known countries also offer a source of potential investment.
 Primarily focused on providing market-leading wine investment services to an international client base.

Having built strong relationships with key suppliers and wine-makers over the years, we are also privileged to be in the position where we can host and organise exclusive wine dinners and tastings.

So whether you’re a wine connoisseur, wine collector, a trade buyer or simply a wine enthusiast, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help you to enter the amazing wine world.

Fine Wine has outperformed almost every other major financial index over the
past two decades. Fine wine possesses a remarkable track record as an investment with an extended period of annual growth. Past performance data has seen growth rates in the region of 12-20%*

Some factors that make fine wine an attractive alternative investment asset:

  • Limited production levels by law.
  • Stored in a governmental controlled (HMRC) bonded warehouse with the perfect temperatures and storage conditions.
  • Personal ownership.
  • Fully insured for replacement value.
  • No VAT. **
  • No Capital Gains Tax.**
  • No Income Tax**
  • Considered a low risk market.
  • Huge increase in global demand

Whilst traditional markets have been stable or witnessed losses over the last ten years the investors in fine wine have seen yearly double-digit returns. Wine as an investment has traditionally been associated with low levels of risk and stable returns, thanks to its unique characteristics as an asset.

Fine wine is a tangible asset whose prestige and desirability increases with its value and so may be understood as a positional good.
The market for investment wine has shown a steady increase over the last five years, with the emergence of China as leading economic superpower further fuelling its expansion.

Investing in fine wine may result in you losing some or all of the money you have invested. Investing is not for everyone and should be considered a medium to long term hold 5-10 years. Liquidating your wine depends on many market factors including having a buyer for your wine. If there is no buyer you will not be able to sell. Although short term gains are possible investing in fine wine should be considered a medium to long term investment.

*Past performance data is no indication for future performance. Performance data taken from Liv-ex.

** MVP are not tax advisors. Please consult your tax adviser

Montevino Partners are not accountants or tax advisors. We will always try to give you true and up to date information, we would always suggest that you consult your accountant or tax adviser, or a qualified financial advisor.