Buying In Bond Wine

Buying wine in bond means the duty and vat are deferred. This means you must store your wines in an approved HM Customes & Excise warehouse. When you come to sell your wine at a later date in bond you will not pay duty or vat. Merchants and other dealers are more likely to buy wine that is in bond. Also wine stored in bond has a much better traceability and provenance. If you decide to have your wine delivered to you out of bond you will pay duty and vat on your original purchase price and not on its current market value.

How much is Wine Duty?
£2.08 per 750ml bottle of still wine.
£2.67 per 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine.
£2.78 per 750 ml bottle of Port wine
UK VAT  20%  (applied after duty)

More information on duty can be found at

Please note the above information on duty and vat is for the UK market. Duty, vat and other taxes may apply if delivered outside the UK.

Where are the wines kept?

Our wines are held at LCB – Vinothèque, a bonded-warehouse based in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire. Vinothèque is a grade II listed building which provides ideal conditions for the storage of fine wine, wine cases are clearly labelled with an individual lot number, specific to its owner, and the well organised computer system makes each case instantly locatable.

Storing wines in a bonded warehouse such as LCB ensures perfect provenance, allowing your wines to achieve the best possible returns when it comes to selling stock. Wines stored in this way are VAT-exempt.

LCB is the largest and oldest bonded warehouse in the UK, storing wines in a managed optimum climate where temperature and humidity are regulated to keep wines in perfect condition. You will receive documentation from LCB certifying you as the sole owner of the wines. If as a client you would like to see the wine, we can assist in arranging condition checks and photos or a personal visit so that you can check the stock onsite yourself.

If you already have your own storage account or would like to arrange an alternative storage solution, we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements. Furthermore, if you would like your wine to be held outside the UK, we can make arrangements on your behalf through our current international logistics partners.

Wines stored in their original wooden casing (OWC) hold most market desirability and garner the best prices. Wines can also be stored in original cardboard casing (OCC).