What started out as a test of an alternative to an ISA has opened my eyes to a safer, better performing, and enjoyable investment market place. In the last 10 months my wine investments have outperformed all my other investments by a factor of at least 2. Montevino Partners unique mix of wine and investment experts has allowed me to increase my appreciation of wine while making a great investment for the future. Their constant search for new and exciting wines beyond the obvious makes them stand out.

- Chris

I have very much enjoyed working with Montevino over the last few months. We have seen actual and paper profits. While my IFA is aiming for 8% growth per annum and underachieving Montevino Partners are aiming for 15% growth per annum and over achieving. Just like the title of the film, featuring Russell Crowe and a French vineyard, 2014 was ‘A Good Year’ for fine wine investment.

- Iain

I have found that investing with Montevino actually provides far more real satisfaction as they provide a tangible product that is in demand and showing me great returns.

- Daniel