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1855 Taylor’s Scion

A rich dark redolence of molasses and fig is overlaid with complex notes of roasted coffee, cigar leaf, black pepper and cedar combined with a subtle nuttiness and the discrete scent of fine oak wood.

£1,700.00 £2,043.34

1863 Taylor Tawny, Port

Taylor Tawny 1863 Deep mahogany core with a narrow amberLolive rim. On the nose, a succession of subtle spicy aromas opens up against a dense backdrop of treacle and molasses. Notes of sawn oak and vanilla give way to a spicy surge of nutmeg, black pepper and ginger. Gradually the rich, sumptuous aromas of age emerge, walnut, marzipan, butterscotch and mocha followed by rich figgy plumLpudding notes.

£2,197.00 £2,640.00

1866 Quinta do Vallado Adelaide Tributa

Very unique wine with great complexity on the nose with notes of oak, spices and dried fruits. In the mouth is gentle and soft with alcohol beautifully integrated expressing greatness and finesse. Very long length and extremely elegant. Quinta do Vallado.

£2,170.00 £2,607.00

1882 Graham’s Ne Oublie

Ne Oublie has great complexity with amazing finesse. The nose is filled with spicy notes, leather characters, tobacco and dried black fruits. The alcohol is beautifully integrated and the wine ends with a long gentle length. It is extremely soft in the mouth with very mature tannins.

£4,000.00 £4,803.34

1968 Colheita Quinta do Noval

Palate is rich and well textured with a beautiful orange/citrus note, good acidity and a rich chocolaty/mocha bittersweet finish

£150.00 £183.34

1994 Vintage Quinta do Noval Nacional

£1,755.00 £2,109.34

1996 Boërl & Kroff

1996 was a great year in Champagne. The Pinot noir character expresses its true finesse and power in this unique blanc de noir. The gentle creaminess and the elegant taste show amazing complexity and a very long length

£2,803.00 £3,366.00

1998 Dom Pérignon P2

The creamy chewiness characterizing the vintage is channeled in a direction that is edgy yet embracing, with a wave of aromatic persistence. The finish – smoky, biting and full of energy – offers balances and harmony.

£600.00 £730.00

2000 Krug Clos d’Ambonnay Champagne

A particularly luminous straw-gold colour which shimmers with brightness.
Aromas of brioche, caramel and spices.
In the mouth, a very fresh taste with rich flavours of tarte tatin, caramel and pastry cream, with a long and slightly lemony finish. krug.

£1,443.00 £1,730.00

2003 Zyme Amarone “La Mattonara”

Enters with impressive, appealing complexity. Rich, long-lingering, and superbly-balanced, with impressions of cherry marmalade, dried plum, and chestnut blossom; as it ages, it lengthens further developing delicate hints of pepper, black liquorice, and cocoa powder. Notes of ripe cherry, morello cherry, semi-dried plum, balsam and spice

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£1,200.00 £1,455.00